Executive Order No. 56 (May 25, 2018) institutionalized the Emergency 911 Hotline as the Nationwide Emergency Answering Point, in lieu of Patrol 117, to conform to the international standards on emergency numbers for public telecommunication networks. Hence, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) provided the code “911” as the Emergency Hotline Number nationwide for the use of the Government and the public last July 20, 2016.

Plans and arrangements to commit to the Executive Order No. 56’s mandates were conducted last June 22 and September 25 of the year 2018, where both of the Emergency 911 Commission Conferences were attended by its commission member representatives and head of offices.

The new government entity aims to improve public safety services & public safety mechanisms, as well as to enhance the existing peace & order procedures in the country by providing a clear command structure for responsibility and accessibility, and by encouraging and facilitating the prompt deployment of a seamless nationwide communication infrastructure for emergency services. In this regard, the LGU 911 Public Safety Answering Point’s 10-step Activation flow was trimmed down to a 4-step National Call Center go-Live process duly drafted in the Implementing Rules & Regulations of Executive Order No. 56; with this, the establishment of local call centers for LGUs and other satellite offices becomes faster and more efficient. The Implementing Rules & Regulations of Executive Order No. 56 is scheduled for publication.

The Emergency 911 Commission envisions a fast and abrupt response to emergencies by working with the Service Responders both in private & government sectors. Localized units to every 911 zones in the country are being prepared to accommodate emergency queries in the area. The commission wants to inculcate the 4Rs of Emergency (see website footer) to the public to help our Service Responders attend to emergencies efficiently. Calls directed to the 911 line

 By virtue of the Executive Order No. 56, I, Diosdado T. Valeroso, duly appointed by our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte as the Executive Director of the Emergency 911 National Commission, will continue to promote a culture of preparedness & readiness amongst all Filipino people in times of emergency. Together with the people behind our operations, we will polish the custom of bayanihan, damayan, at tulungan when it comes to the dire need of assistance during times of difficulties and distress.